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Manage the software development lifecycle processes by coordinating with all the stakeholders including product management, engineering, QA, cloud operations, release management and support and escalations teams. Ensure teams adhere to established processes and practices for high quality and timely deliverables.
Establish and regularly track various health metrics like quality, timeliness etc. of various projects and deliverables.
Track and regularly communicate to all the stakeholders the state of the projects and their deliverables, dependencies, risks and risk mitigation strategies through project management tools and dashboards.
Track and coordinate projects executed by partners.
Help with post-mortem analysis and suggestions for improving various processes, practices and tools.
Should be able to setup and configure tools and software for engineering use as well as for meeting project management goals.
Technically understand the product and its editions as well as on-going improvements to it for the purpose of identifying internal and external dependencies as well as highlight risks and propose risk mitigation strategies.

Key Skills

8 -12 years of experience in the IT product space.
Domain expertise in the area of backup preferred but not mandatory.
At least 5 years of experience coordinating projects across multiple high performing software teams involved in the software development lifecycle.
Familiarity with prevalent software development processes and methodologies like Agile and implement them as per project needs.
Excellent project management skills for planning, monitoring and risk management of multiple projects.
Excellent communication skills for communicating within and across teams.
Keen eye for details to track projects, schedules, dependencies, risks and health metrics
Technically well-versed with technologies related to enterprise software and cloud.

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