The Data Analytics organization at [24]7 powers the foundation for our Omnichannel predictive analytics platform. We collect data from customer interactions through speech, chat, and online interactions across millions of consumers, and apply machine-learning algorithms to build predictive models that form the core of solving customer problems of many Fortune 100 companies. We work with a billion events every day, process terabytes of data in our big data platform, and process data in streams in batches using many of the large scale open source computing platforms—Spark, Akka, Hadoop. We use a service-oriented approach to building loosely coupled asynchronous systems that help us scale alongside with our clients. Are you passionate about building platforms that use machine learning to turn massive amounts of data into experiences that anticipate user’s needs so well they say “how did they do that”? 
In this role, you will work on building a highly-scalable and extensible big data platform that provides the foundation for collecting, storing, modeling, and analyzing massive data sets from multiple channels, including the web, IVR, mobile, social media and live agent call and chat interactions.
Desired Skills and Experience
Responsibilities include the design and development of various components of the big data platform. Successful candidates will have a computer science or related degree, strong knowledge in Java/Scala/OO technologies, and experience engineering commercial software platforms and/or large scale data infrastructures. The ideal candidate will possess a high level of technical creativity, problem solving ability, software process and lifecycle expertise, communication skills, and an ability to work independently and as part of a team 
•    Design and build scalable infrastructure and platform to collect and process very large amounts of data (structured and unstructured).
•    Write efficient and quality code that scales to high volume production quality.
•    Work closely with multiple product management and engineering teams to lead the design, build and test of the components of the platform.
•    Research and experiment with emerging technologies and tools related to big data.

•    6+ years of software development experience using multiple computer languages,strong in OOPs concepts.
•    Experience building large scale J2EE data processing systems/applications.
•    Strong foundational knowledge and experience with distributed systems and computing systems in general, Knowledge of Hadoop architecture,eco-system including YARN , Oozie,MR , Spark,Pig.
•    Data processing experience using Spark/Pig, Performance optimization of jobs. 
•    Strong understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms.
•    Basic understanding and experience of key-value and NoSQL data stores, data modeling and data management, analytical tools, languages, or libraries. 
•    Strong interpersonal communication skills
•    Ability to participate in large scale initiatives and work towards common goals
•    Excellent oral and written communication, presentation, and analytical skills
•    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/Engineering
About [24]

Customer Engagement for Today’s Connected Customer 
At [24], we make it simple for consumers to connect with companies to get things done. Headquartered in Campbell, California, with R&D centers in the US, India, Canada, and sales offices in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, we provide customer engagement solutions for service and sales powered by a cloud platform that uses big data and predictive analytics to deliver business outcomes. We are a global solutions company—our clients include many of the world’s largest and most recognized brands. We manage over 2.5 B customer interactions per year and anticipate, simplify, and learn from each consumer experience.


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