Locus Analytics, a research firm based in New York City, studies networks of relationships between businesses, jobs, products, and other economic entities. Drawing from linguistics, systems sciences, and graph theory, Locus has developed a universal framework for systematically describing economic entities across industry, scale, and geography. Existing economic datasets are highly fragmented, inconsistently structured, and opaque. Our mission is to use our technology to make the world’s economic data broadly accessible and readily navigable.

Skills & backgrounds we’d like to see more of in our organization include:

  • Theoretical modeling of complex systems
  • Machine learning
  • Statistical modeling
  • Software prototyping & development
  • UI/UX design & front-end development
  • Industry research
  • Portfolio construction and analysis
  • Business development
  • Bioinformatics & genomics research
  • Graph theory & analytics
  • Computational linguistics

Interested in joining us? We’re growing as an organization, and we want to hear more about you!

We encourage you to be descriptive in completing the application. We will reach out if we think we have a role that could be a good fit for you.

Please feel free to read more about us at our website,

We ask that you submit only one application to Locus, as we will consider you for other roles as we see a good fit.

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