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1. Product Design and Conformance

• Design product specification (nutritional, production parameters and physical characteristics) to consistently achieve specified product performance aligned with customer requirements

• Accountable in getting Competitor Product Evaluations (CPE) from the field and in the TAC (Technology Application Center) at assigned species/segments

• Responsible for resolution on product performance related VOCs (Voice of Customers).

• Chair the Design and Conformance meeting at assigned species/segments

2. Application of technology

• Lead the local technology application by developing new products, programs, solutions and services using the Customer Focused Development (CFD) process at assigned species/segments

• Closely partner with marketing team in managing the technology pipeline for new products, programs, services and solutions at assigned species/segments

• Capture the value generated by the new products, programs, services and solutions deployed

3. Formula Integrity

• Lead Formula Integrity at assigned species/segments in the market as part of SPR (Strategic Product Review), a continuous improvement process aligned with strategy and product portfolio management to support business growth in volume and profitability

4. Training of commercial team

• Lead in building capability of technical services team on new products, programs, services and solutions at assigned species/segments

5. Personal Development



• Passed the Agriculture Licensure Examination

• Master degree in animal science majoring in animal nutrition

• Experience working in additives business

• 2+ years’ in farm experience

• Experience in development of offerings such as products, programs, services, and solutions

• Knowledge in animal health

• Understanding in customer segmentation methodologies

• Application of CAN Customer-Focused Development methodologies or Project Management

Minimum requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in animal nutrition • 5+ years’ experience in animal nutrition business in the area of formulation, R&D, and project management.

• 3+ years’ experience in animal feed formulation

• Experience in growing a business with a winning mindset

• Culture awareness and experience of diversity

• Knowledgeable in animal nutrition, animal production, farm management,

• Ability to communicate well in English (written, verbal)

• Computer / Driving

• Animal feed formulation using Brill or Format



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Feed & Nutrition




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Hiring Manager

Alexander De Leon


Violyint Venestia Professional RES_RDA_I_9 - SCIENTIST Nov 15, 2017 In the country of posted position

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