There is Magic Everywhere

They say that once a technologically is sufficiently advanced, it’s indistinguishable from magic. This week, our algorithm came up with channels that showcased jobs that bring magic to consumers by creating revolutionary personal products like the iPhone, or by magically keeping stores stocked with the goods we have come to depend on. We showcased jobs for creative people who brought magic to advertising, and jobs for people who wanted to harness the power of storytelling to keep people engaged.

We also wrote an article on how one company created a magical recruiting tool that opened up when someone typed in specific search terms. We also wrote about a research study that discussed how remembering successful moments can magically increase your ability to achieve goals.

So our editors decided to get in the act too. Here are their picks:

1. Building the Magic Kingdom — Internship at Adventures by Disney

When it comes to magic, where better to start than at the Magic Kingdom. Disney is looking for Spring Interns at a number of it’s operations including ‘Adventures by Disney, which provides immersive, family-focused vacation experiences. If you are a current undergraduate or graduate student with great project management skills and an interest in hospitality, this can be a great role to get some valuable business experience.

Disney has a whole host of summer internships, in areas ranging from graphic design to sales.

If you want to get started in the entertainment industry then check out our curated channel for entry-level jobs and internships in entertainment.

2. A Magical New Way to Interact With the World — Internships at Magic Leap

Magic Leap is building revolutionary technology that will change the way we interact with the world. If you are a wizard in computer science, machine learning, machining, 3D printing, or biometrics, you could qualify for one of these great internships.

Do you want to engineer magical audio visual experiences? We have a channel of curated jobs for you.

3. Helping Wizards Regain Their Magic — Game Entertainment Staff with the Washington Wizards

Ever since we saw Jordan dunk, we have always thought sports created magical experiences. That’s even more true today with entertainment packed all around the games. Here is a chance to create that magic with the Washington Wizards. You could get a chance to coordinate and stage events both on and off the court including contests, presentations and promotions. All you need are great interpersonal skills, and an eagerness to learn.

Whether you want to organize sports, market it, or write about it, we have channels for you.

4. It’s an Illusion, Michael — Animator at EA Sports

Search for “illusion” on Tapwage and you get a host of animation jobs at video game companies. And for good reason. What is more magical than bringing a completely new and immersive world to life. So be an animator at EA Sports in a division aptly named “EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment”.

Want to work for a video game company? From software to testing, to product management — we have channels for you.

5. Build a Magic Community — Magic Community Coordinator at Hasbro

Be a community coordinator for the popular trading card and online game, Magic. You need 1-2 years of social media experience and a deep passion for the game.

Want a job building social media communities? We have channels for jobs and internships in social media management.

So this summer, we hope you are actively bringing magic to your lives. And if you need a little fairy dust for your career — check out our channels and articles, or email us, and let us help you make some dreams come true. Until next week!

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