10 LinkedIn Photos To Avoid At All Costs

First impressions matter and your LinkedIn photo is often the first thing that people see of you. So use the chance to make a great first impression! Here are 10 types of LinkedIn photos that we see too often. Avoid these at all costs.

1. The Selfie


2. The Blurry Snap


3. The Random Outdoor Shot


4. The Guess What I Look Like


5. The Hipster


6. The In Da Club


7. The Mug Shot / Deer In Headlights


8. The Family Portrait


9. The Badly Cropped Shot


10. No Photo At All


3 keys to a great LinkedIn photo:

  1. Look at the camera and give a little smile

  2. You don’t need to be dressed up, but look professional

  3. The photo can be outdoors. In fact, it’s even nicer if it’s not a glamour studio shot. But avoid selfies, be in focus, and choose a setting that makes sense

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