Hilarious Interview Tips

Hilarious Interview TipsDon't Try This at Home

The UK satire site, The Poke, posted a hilarious list of interview tips this week that lit up some parts of the internet. If you have had a long week searching for a job, preparing for your internship, or just dealing with your current work responsibilities, you could probably use a weekend laugh. Read their full article here. Here are our top 5 picks from their list:

  1. Show you’re good at delegating responsibility by sending someone else to the interview

  2. Always make eye contact, and if you have two interviewers, train your eyes to work independently like a chameleon

  3. Employers check Facebook accounts so make sure all your photos show you looking at a spreadsheet and punching the air

  4. At the beginning, try to make small talk with your interviewer such as “lovely day” or “you look like my real father”

  5. When asked if you found the place OK, say “I was driven here by a cab. Normally, of course, I am driven by results”

The poke also had another such list a few years ago, which had equally good gems. Also, if you are really looking for examples of hilariously great interviews, then the TV show Silicon Valley has one for you.

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