Interview Tips from Television

Interview Tips from TelevisionLearn From the Stars

Tip 1: A Practice Interview is Important: Presented by Phoebe and Chandler from Friends

A practice interview can be so useful if you are trying to refine parts of your pitch, like avoiding laughing at inappropriate sounding phrases. Like Chandler does in his practice interview with Phoebe (starts at 0:30), and almost successfully gets through his actual interview (starts at 1:43)

Tip 2: There is Such a Thing As Over-Prepared: By Dwight Schrute from The Office

Two classic Dwight Schrute scenes. In the first interview, he has three resumes too many. Candidly, we love the 3 crisp phrases to describe yourself. While it shows clarity and confidence, you really have to pick the right three phrases.

Tip 3: Don’t Be a Smart-Alec: Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords

Every now and then you do an interview for a job you think you might be over qualified for, or are just planning to do temporarily to help pay the bills. You still need to remain professional about it.

Tip 4: Dress the Part and Having a Great Portfolio Really Helps by Ginsburg from Mad Men

Perhaps he could get away with that jacket because it was the 1960’s and because his portfolio is impressive. But we strongly advise dressing the part

Bonus Tip: When Given An Assignment, Read the Instructions Carefully by Tobias Funke from Arrested Development

Read the assignment carefully so you don’t embarrass yourself at the interview

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